is more than a multi-brand store. It’s a feel-good place. It’s a lifestyle. our vision is to create and inspire. We believe in diversity by gathering 4 brands.
We believe in always staying true to yourself and your unique way of being. Every brand embraces and empowers exploring new roads and to push new limits.
We are the lifestore that provides high quality products and affordability for every man kind.

Blend presents a powerful selection of contemporary European styles and carefully crafted jeans built for urban living. You can find us where the streets end and the adventure begin.
Solid - not just a name. It is a feeling. From cool and laid back styles to unique and fashionable designs Solid expresses and includes all personalities. Solid is young and refreshing.
Tailored & Originals is based on the classic styled male wardrobe for everyday living. Following fashion trends, Tailored & Originals is stylish clothing with special selected details and trimmings.