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Protection of personal data
You should be able to trust that your personal data are stored securely and responsibly with us ( by DK Company). Furthermore, personal data are only shared within DK Company A/S (incl. subsidiaries), and we do not disclose your personal data to third parties unless we are obligated to do so by law or unless you otherwise consent to such disclosure. Nor do we collect personal data from any sources without you having provided these yourself when placing orders, in connection with customer surveys or the like, and we do not collect any sensitive personal data about you.

Below, you can read more about how we collect personal data, how we store them and, not least, how you can gain access to and/or withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data.

How we use your personal data
We primarily use the data you provide to perform our agreements with you. This could, for example, be to enable us to send you newsletters or catalogues requested by you, to send goods ordered by you to the correct address etc.

We collect data for the following purposes:
- delivery of goods (the data are collected to perform an agreement with you)
- sending out newsletters, catalogues and other marketing material (only with your consent) 
- analysis and statistics, as we have a significant interest in having as much knowledge about our customers as possible and to ensure that you and other customers have as good an experience on as possible
- security conditions, as we have a significant interest in ensuring secure use of, and because we can then investigate any unauthorised use.

We store your personal data for a period of five (5) years unless otherwise stated. If we process your data based on your consent, we will, however, only store the data until you withdraw your consent. Regarding the latter, we keep your data until a) You cancel your registration, (b) You object to our use of your data or (c) We have not used your data in the past 12 months.

Please feel free to contact us if:
- you are not sure what data we have collected about you
- you want to have the data collected about you rectified
- you want to have the data collected about you erased
- you want to refuse direct marketing or object to our processing of your personal data based on some specific circumstances or your specific situation
- you want us to restrict the use of the collected data to storage only (restricted use of personal data)
- you want the data collected about you to be transmitted to yourself or a third party in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

You will find our contact details under the section “Who is responsible for your data as data controller?".

When we process your personal data, you also have a right to the above.

For your own security, we will ask you to provide one or more personal details when contacting us in connection with, for example, objections to enable us to verify your identity.

If you want to refuse direct marketing via email, you do not need to contact us, as you can simply follow the instructions in the individual marketing email.

Where and how we store your data
We store your personal data securely and confidentially on servers in controlled facilities within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Who is responsible for your data as data controller?
Unless we inform you otherwise in connection with collection of your personal data, we are the data controller at

DK Company A/S
La Cours Vej 6
DK-7430 Ikast
VAT DK 19778649 
Tel.: (+45) 8844 1586
[email protected]

We are the data controller for all personal data in accordance with the current Danish Data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven). 

How to complain
If you find that DK Company A/S is processing your data in an incorrect manner, please contact us (you can find our contact details in the section above). You may obviously also complain about the processing of your data or other information relating to you by lodging a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency, Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, DK-1300 Copenhagen K 
or on

Changes and updates
For a number of reasons, including the rapid development of the Internet, amendments to legislation and the way in which we handle your personal data, it may be necessary or appropriate for us to make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make significant changes to our policy, we will provide information about this on and notify you via the email address we have registered for you. 

This page was last updated in January 2019. 


Cookies on

On, we collect data in two ways:
- by use of cookies (read more about cookies below)
- through data provided by you yourself, for example when you sign up for our newsletter.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer in order to recognise this device in connection with recurring visits.

Virtually all websites use cookies, including banks, tax authorities and other parties, as cookies help improve the user experience. This may, for example, be if you want to have specific user settings stored, if you want the system to remember specific user names and/or passwords or the like.

Cookies are automatically stored on your computer when you visit, and they are sent between your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera etc.) and a web server.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, please note that you may lose some of the good functionality built into For example, you may be asked to enter the same information several times during one or more visits, as we cannot store your data without using cookies.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer from us or other websites, you can easily delete existing cookies. If you are using a PC with a recent browser version, this can be done using the CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE shortcut keys.

If the shortcut keys do not work or you are using a MAC, please find help via one of the following links depending on which browser you are using. 
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We use cookies to enable us to keep demographic and user-related statistics of visitors to Cookies thus also allow us to customise the content specifically to your and other users’ interests.

Our use of cookies includes so-called first-party cookies – i.e. cookies placed by the website itself. These are, for example, cookies that keep track of/remember the items in your basket, cookies that remember your name, address etc., so that you do not have to reenter these details every time you shop online or the like, which gives you a better and smoother user experience.

Third-party cookies
In order to provide you with the best possible user experience and, not least, to expose you only to content that is as relevant as possible, we use the following selected third-party cookies:
- Raptor cookies are used for tracking user behaviour, which, for example, enables us to expose you to as relevant content as possible on our website and by email. However, the latter only applies if you have signed up for our newsletter.

- Cloudflare cookies are used to identify individual users behind shared IP addresses to enable us to create security settings at user level – for example in connection with a visit to a café where you share an IP address with the other guests, but where your computer/tablet/phone is recognised by Cloudflare cookies and you therefore do not need to confirm passwords, etc. Cloudfare cookies do not respond to user IDs in your browser and no personal data are stored.

- Bing cookies are used to enable us better to target advertisements with relevant content in Microsoft's advertisement network. No personal data are collected in this connection.

- Google cookies are used to enable us to analyse user behaviour in Google’s analysis tool, Google Analytics, or in connection with more relevant marketing in Google’s search engine. Even if we register your IP address, it will be anonymised before it is sent to Google. You can read more about the cookies used for Google Analytics and the life of these cookies at You may opt out of Google Analytics by installing this small browser add-on:

- Doubleclick cookies are used to improve and customise marketing, for example by enabling us to show relevant products, improve reporting of campaign activity and prevent that you see the same advertisement multiple times.

- Facebook cookies are used to enable us to provide and customise relevant advertisements as well as to enable us better to analyse the effectiveness of our Facebook marketing relative to other advertising services 

If you do not want Facebook, Google and our other partners to collect data about your behaviour, you can choose to decline their cookies in your browser. This can be done via this page:


We use Facebook pixel to enable us to track actions such as obvious interest in categories and products or when purchases are made. This enables us to identify and optimise our Facebook marketing, for example by showing you the most relevant content in relation to your interests.


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